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The Trophy Hunted

In The Trophy Hunted, Jack is a husband, father, and chiropractor from Wisconsin who, every year, goes on a big game hunting trip. This year, he travels to Africa in search of a beautiful, rare beast, although his wife does not approve of his habit. Once there, Jack is drugged and whisked away to a secret ranch where he finds himself with two other men who’ve met the same fate.

To his horror, Jack learns that he and his…..

The Trophy Hunted Redemption

Jack is a husband and father who runs for his life after he is kidnapped while hunting in Africa. In the original book, “The Trophy Hunted,” Jack is whisked away to a secret ranch where he became the hunted. His ordeal forced Jack to realize that the lives of all animals—including his own—matter. Ultimately, he is left for dead at an abandoned train depot.

In this sequel, those who followed Jack’s plight now learn of his fate. To the…..